Monday, December 31, 2007

Time for lists.

Everyone loves a best of '07 list. It's like a quick and easy way of remembering, later on down the line, of course, the shitty stuff we did in '07 that we'll forget about in '08. I know that nobody thinks of shit like that, but I have a different perspective.

A lot of the people I know refuse to admit when they get sucked into a ridiculous trend. Snap bracelets, rat tails, tee shirts that are too big, tee shirts that are too small...there's a lot of things that I never really got into that my friends did. So here's what I decided to do for my top ten list.

This is my Top Ten List of Trends from '06 that I am Glad Didn't Make it to '07!

(I have a shitty sense of linear time, so if this shit is really '07, I don't care. I am still glad it's gone)

10. Franz Ferdinand: Ok. Eleanor was great for about a month, and I even bought the album. A few tracks were ok, but for the most part, this record was taking advantage of a lapse of fresh indie music. I mean, their first record came out in '04 and they made no attempts to even change their formula. Ok, yeah, it came out in '05. I still hate it.

9. Daniel Craig as James Bond: Casino Royal is still a subject of contention in my circle. My room mate is a die hard Bond fan and is still on the fence about it. I am of the belief that Pierce ruined the whole franchise, making acting second to fashion and technology. I know that the gadgets were always important, but what was more important to me was actually believing that Roger Moore or Sean Connery could actually have been a secret agent.

8. 6 Feet Under: Holy shit was this over due. I mean, to an extent, the show was a fucking amazing premise. I grew up around the corner from a funeral home, and there were never any hot chics or gay guys around. It was just a bunch of old guys who were yelling at us for skate boarding in their lot. But why is it that every dramatic series becomes a late night soap on HBO? Ok, cancer is a pretty important thing to discuss, but isn't dying already hard hitting enough? It's not like that show was short on dead people?

7. The Black Eyed Peas: Thank God. End of story. I've never seen a more over produced over hyped group. Ever. Boy bands included.

6. James Blunt: Formulaic crap. I kind of feel like this guy was trying to write a record that would be sampled 20 years from now in a novelty rap song about the 2000's.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean: Ok. I love's me some Depp. He's a great actor, great range...shit Edward Scissorhands was my introduction to art cinema, but in all honesty, how could anyone have liked these movies. And it was a little cheap of me to put this on my list, considering it was always going to be a trilogy, but still. Thank God that shit's done.

4. Fucking Thrift Store Chic: I know it well, because I did it. I went to the GoodWill and bought a pair of purple wing tips and wore the shit out of them. And it was cool at first, because you could put together something new every weekend without breaking the budget, but then when the cobbled together look started become rage, people started selling vintage clothes on eBay and real thrift stores started jacking up prices. Then it became cool to buy clothes that look like thrift from a boutique. And that put a lot of clothes only thrift shops out of business. Thrift shops: The Wow That's What I Call Music of clothing.

3. Don Knotts: It's fucked up to say that about someone who's dead, but seriously. I met this guy once in NYC and all my mom wanted to do was get his autograph, an the dick head pretended to be his own driver to get away from one fan. Ass hole.

2. The 80's: It took over 20 years, but the awesomeness of the 80's has finally faded. When the 18-24 was comprised of people who actually grew up in the 80's, no one thought they were that great, but as soon as my generation hit adulthood, the 80's became great. I call myself an 80's child, but in all honesty, unless you were born between 75-78, you didn't really get the full force of the 80's. I am just really glad that the 80's have finally given way to the 90's. Now all we've got to do is get rid of the 70's fashion that seems to be having a resurgence.

1. Meaningful Reality TV: It was cool when it first started, but thank God we've weeded out all of the reality TV could enrich someone's life for all the stuff that doesn't have any consequence. I like my TV to show me a life that I couldn't ever reach, not a life that I could lead if I wasn't so damn lazy.

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