Friday, December 28, 2007

Welcome to another blog.

I suppose, being that the blogosphere is growing at a rate that defies all models, and things to blog about become of less and less consequence, you'd expect the concept of supply and demand to take over and the blog world to eventually come to a stasis point wherein the blogs would stop popping up and the news would eventually become more interesting again, like it was back when the major media sources had a monopoly. The kicker is that is hasn't. Major news becomes more stuffy, blogs become more divergent from what actually matters, to the point that my father, a baby boomer, no longer receives a newspaper every day.

Let me tell you about me and my agenda. I am 23 years old, same age as many new bloggers hot out of undergraduate school with a degree in journalism. Your typical journalism student entered their program when journalism seemed like a bottomless money pit, with infinite numbers of jobs all of which pay six or more figures, only to find that everyone else who had a good English teacher in high school went into journalism, and nine tenths of those kids write better than they do. They are also coming to the harsh reality that the market for jobs is becoming infinitely smaller every day, because of technology. The most famous blogs tend to be written by people who already have journalism careers, and therefore connections (read: Fake Steve Jobs). I digress. I am not a journalism student, I am not even a college student, and I never really was. I live in the same place Groucho Marx did. I will, for the rest of my life, try to make up for the fact that I did not have a formal education, by reading voraciously, watching film, listening to music, and over all, expanding my mind through any means I can.

All of this bares almost no concern upon this blog. It is of almost no consequence, besides the fact that I approach life in a rational and analytical manner. It's why I listen to the music I listen to, watch the movies I watch and read the books I read. I have a formula in my life that I use to internally evaluate everything and everyone I come in contact with. That doesn't mean that I listen to prog rock, read Tom Clancy novels and watch all day long. I do, in my formula, take into account things that can not be quantitatively measured.

And I guess I should address one last thing, tonight. I am an ardent nostalgic. I am, typically, two to three years behind the times, as far as trends in music and film are concerned, and typically 10 to 15 years behind contemporary literature, and when I do come in contact with vogue notions, it's typically on a tip from someone else. For example, I, for the first time last night, watched Watership Down, and found it wholly entertaining, only to find in discussion with my colleagues, that I am on par with the twitty little high school girls who think that J. D. Salinger is the greatest author of all time.

And finally, I'd just like to run down a little about me. I am a musician; that is to say I play drums in a band. I am a photographer, who's had his camera stolen, and I am a writer who can't seem to find the right stationary to make my drippy prose look like art. I'd like to say that I am a renaissance man, or even an every-man, but in all reality, I am the every-hipster. I dabble in a range of hipster-like media, but master none, and therefore cannot connect with any individual camp of the modern youth.

And here's what I am doing now:

Reading: Still Life with Woodpecker
Listening: Tom Waits, Swordfishtrombones

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