Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Lease on Photography

Sun Visor
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So I've started shooting a whole lot more. I feel like I have a few new reasons to shoot, I feel better about my work and I am progressing as a photographer.

I'd like to just put down on paper, or the internet, what I want to to with my art, so that I can systematically make it happen.

My foremost goal is to continue my mastery of the technical act of photography, which includes, but is not limited to; mastering the use of my camera, mastering the concepts of film, take advantage of what I have learned about exposure and light, and develop skills to use in post processing of my photographs.

I'd also like to develop the emotional concepts that I want to capture with my art. In music, this comes very naturally to me, because it is a bit more prosaic; almost mathematical, but in photography it's way more organic and complex. I've gotten to the point where I know what I want to say, I just have to figure out how to focus on the concept and clarify it so that the image correlates as universally as possible to the concepts. On this, I feel I am getting very close.

I am in dire need of developing my composition. I don't really have a discerning eye for composition, and every time I find a good one, it's usually by luck. I've been attempting to train myself by watching movies. There are a few movies in my collection that stick out, not because of stellar acting, fantastic direction or great plots, but because of great photography. So I've spent a bunch of my time watching these movies and trying to pick out the frames in each shot that are best composed, and when I see a a scene that has great composition, I try to tell myself, audibly usually, why it feels good to look at. early results are interesting. It's results can be seen in the shot above.

So that's what I want. Criticism is welcome and any other tips as well.

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