Monday, October 13, 2008


Ghosts I
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Born from a need to do more with my photography than bullshit (sorry George) architectural, and a realization that my original idea was a bit too large of a bite for my current workflow process, I decided to buy another digital SLR. I could have saved up some money, copped out completely, and bought a Rebel, Sony Alpha or a D40, and probably would never have touched my film cameras again, but I decided against that. I went and got a Canon D30 (note: not a 30D, but a 3.2mp D30), and besides getting a 2gb CF card, a fresh battery and charger, and perhaps in the future a decent 50mm lens, I'm done.

Being that I still know so little about exposure and how it really works, and I've got some pretty forgiving room mates, I mean models, it just makes it easier to get a good rough image to start from.

Also, now that I've got identical software suites at work and at home, it makes it very easy to work fluidly.

By the way, I recommend gIMP and UFRaw. Totally open source, totally free, and has all of the bells and whistles that you'd want. Granted it's not as pretty as Photoshop, but it's getting there.

Did I mention they're faster, free and totally integrated with each other? Fantastic. I think I'm going back to Linux.